Christian counseling-ministry at Life Center is based on the Word of God by the Spirit of God. "No one comes to the Father except through me," John 14:6. Our Christian discipleship counseling focuses on encouraging people from any walk or struggle in life to gain increased spiritual insight into their circumstances. We teach who you are "in Christ," and how to live from "identification with Christ." Any emotional, behavioral, and relational problems are dealt with from a spiritual perspective with unconditional acceptance and love. Problems are symptoms of deeper root issues, and our staff clearly explains these and God solutions to all clients, regardless of age.


Until you understand your death and resurrection into Christ (Gal 2:20), you will not consistently walk in the resurrection power of Christ. Our courses help you learn how Christ exchanged His life for yours and how to live as a new creation in Christ. Our passion is presenting the gospel so that you live from their resurrected life in Christ.


Our conferences pull Biblical truths and practices together so that the Spirit opens the eyes of your heart. You will "see" how to walk in the power of His might personally and in all of your relationships. Through our conferences, God will leberate you from guilt, shame, and a sense that something is wrong with you. You can stop struggling, stop striving, stop trying harder, and satrt to enter the promise of His rest.


We train and equip leaders and those with a heart to minister healing, freedom, and victory.  Through our 27-week Advanced Ministry Training class, you will learn how to share the liberating and empowering truth of God. You will be able to locate and present appropriate Scriptures to lead others into healing, freedom, and rest. During the class, your Bible will turn into a Bible ministry tool that you can use anywhere and with anyone. You will grow in dependence on the Holy Spirit to do the work of ministry. Your life and walk with God will come alive with revelations of love for God, yourself, and others. You will never be the same!